Purpose & Mission

Concrete is more than a building material. It provides homes, it connects communities, it encourages trade, it provides energy, it improves health, it broadens minds.

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Our Vision

Our vision sees a world where concrete supports global sustainable economic, social and environmental development priorities; and where it is valued as an essential material to deliver a sustainable future for the built environment.

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Our Mission

Concrete Future – Building a Net Zero World

Together, we are committed to building a bright, resilient and sustainable concrete future for our industry and the world.

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Our Governance

The GCCA is a CEO led industry initiative. It’s members, Board of Directors, and Executive team are committed to sustainability – reducing the impacts of cement production and promoting the unique properties of concrete as a sustainable, durable and resilient building material – a material that will answer the needs of a growing and increasingly urban population that is set to exceed 9 billion people by 2050.

The not-for-profit international association has an executive team and secretariat that is directed by the Board on behalf of members to deliver a programme of activity with the support of member led working groups and task groups.  GCCA works closely with national and regional cement and concrete associations partners.  

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Our Sustainability Charter

Our sustainability mission lies at the heart of everything we do.

The GCCA Sustainability Charter and Sustainability Guidelines underpin the sustainability activity of our member companies, setting out what they need to abide by, what they measure and how they report their sustainability performance.

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