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About GCCA India

GCCA India was the first regional office, set up in July 2019 to work with Indian cement companies to drive sustainability and innovation projects.

The purpose of GCCA India is to identify actions and facilitate steps for cement & concrete companies to accelerate progress towards sustainable development.

Taking over the work of the Cement Sustainable Initiative (CSI) India (which formerly served as the sector’s sustainability alliance), GCCA India focuses on driving forward the key sustainability work underway within the Indian cement sector, the second-largest cement producing industry and the most energy-efficient in the world.

GCCA India has developed a Work Program that focuses on the GCCA priorities but with practical application across the Indian built environment. The work program covers:

  • Energy Climate Change & Circular Economy
  • Water, Biodiversity & SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)
  • Health & Safety
  • Communication and Advocacy

GCCA India works towards accelerating the Low Carbon Technology Roadmap (LCTR) for the Indian Cement sector, which aims at reducing the direct CO2 emissions – i.e. to reach 0. 35 ton of CO2/ ton of cement produced by 2050 through the identification of new technologies, supportive policy framework, public-private collaboration, financing mechanism, and social acceptance. The following key trends will drive the low-carbon growth for the Indian cement sector

  • Increased investment in the use of alternative fuel and enhanced Thermal Substitution Rate (TSR)
  • Increase Waste Heat Recovery System
  • Reduction in clinker factor and commercialisation of new types cements such as Low Calcined Clay Cement (LC3)
  • Development of Carbon Capture and Use (CCU) solutions based on the Circular Economy Principle
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