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Essential Concrete
Concrete is essential for our modern world. It is not only the world’s most used building material, it is the world’s most used material in general after water for a reason – it is abundant, affordable, locally available and can be used in innumerable ways.

How to fix the world’s concrete problem
DW Planet A reports on the steps the concrete industry is taking to decarbonise, including our Concrete Future 2050 Roadmap.

Facts and Fairness
The GCCA calls for a fair assessment in construction material choices, avoiding preference for one particular material over another. Materials should be chosen in the context of the whole building to achieve optimum design, performance and sustainability.

Our World is Concrete

Concrete is more than a material. It’s about life.
The past, the present and towards a sustainable future.

The GCCA and its members are committed to promoting the unique properties of concrete as a sustainable, durable and resilient building material – a material that will answer the needs of a growing and increasingly urban population that is set to exceed 9 billion people by 2050.

Innovandi Open Challenge

The Innovandi Open Challenge is a global programme to bring together tech start-ups and GCCA member companies to drive innovation and help solve the climate challenge.

The Cement and Concrete Industry’s Contribution to Enhancing Global Biodiversity

Biodiversity and ecosystems are vital for our planet. And we know that industrial activity can have an impact on our natural world.

The GCCA and its members are committed to enhancing global biodiversity in all areas in which we operate.

GCCA Climate Ambition

The GCCA’s Climate Ambition is our industry’s commitment to deliver society with carbon neutral concrete by 2050, in line with global climate targets.

Concrete in Life 2020 Photo Competition

The GCCA celebrated concrete, the most used human-made material on our planet, with the release of the winning pictures from its ‘Concrete in Life 2020’ global photography competition.

GCCA Celebrates International Women’s Day

The GCCA marked International Women’s Day 2021 by celebrating women’s amazing roles and contributions in our industry.

Concrete’s Role in Achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals

With 10 year’s to go to achieve the 17 UN SDGs, concrete is playing a vital role in reaching those targets

Innovandi Global Cement and Concrete Research Network

The Innovandi Global Cement and Concrete Research Network brings together industrial organisations and scientific institutions from around the world to enhance research and innovation in our sector.

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