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The GCCA 2050 Cement and Concrete Industry Roadmap for Net Zero Concrete is the collective commitment of the world’s leading cement and concrete companies to fully contribute to building the sustainable world of tomorrow.

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Our aim is to ensure concrete is recognised as the sustainable building material of choice for today’s needs and to meet the global challenges for future generations.

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GCCA Conference 2020, 6th – 7th October – Online

Recordings of the GCCA Conference 2020 are now available on demand.

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@theGCCA / December 8, 2021

To achieve our target of net zero concrete by 2050, TITAN’s tech means fly ash can be reclaimed from landfills & tr……

@theGCCA / December 8, 2021

@vinnikava Hi Viktoryia – We would like to talk to you about this photograph. Could you please send us a DM?

@theGCCA / December 7, 2021

@ArazHadjian Hi – could you DM us so we can discuss your entry please

Did you know?

Concrete is the world’s most consumed resource after water.

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Press Release | 20 Oct 2021

Holcim CEO Jan Jenisch elected President of the Global Cement and Concrete Association

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