Innovandi – Open Challenge

The Innovandi Open Challenge is a global programme to bring together tech start-ups and GCCA member companies to drive innovation and help solve the climate challenge.

As the world’s population grows and urbanisation continue to rise, concrete will be essential to providing the infrastructure society needs. To ensure this is done sustainably, the cement and concrete industry, represented by the GCCA, is embarking on a critical mission to producing carbon neutral concrete by 2050, in line with global climate targets.

To help achieve this goal, we are looking for startups working on reducing or avoiding carbon throughout the concrete value chain, and startups working towards using CO2 in our value chain.

Key areas of interest include:

  • carbon capture technologies
  • calcination technologies – for heating materials during the concrete manufacturing process
  • carbon use in the construction supply chain
  • improved recycling of concrete.
Bringing together start-ups and the cement and concrete industry to tackle climate change

Partner with our members

Experts from GCCA member companies will partner directly with selected start-ups to develop their technologies, and utilise their network, world-class expertise, and facilities to bring them closer to commercialisation and helping the sector to decarbonise.

GCCA members represent approximately 40% of the global cement and concrete market, with a presence in all regions of the world.

Selected start-ups will have unprecedented access to an industry worth $333 billion cement and concrete market, and a global construction market worth $15.5 trillion.

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