Open Challenge 2023

Our 2023 Open Challenge is focussing on new materials and ingredients for low carbon concrete. Over 70 start-ups were sourced and 15 were invited to pitch.

After in depth pitching and discussions, the following four consortia have been formed between start-ups and GCCA member companies.

The Demo Day, in which consortia will showcase the progress of their collaborations, will be held on Thursday 6 June 2024, in Bangkok, Thailand.

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The four consortia are:

Innovative technology enables the conversion of a wide range of mineral feedstocks into SCMs at low temperatures.

“Participating in the Global Cement and Concrete Association’s Innovandi Challenge has been a transformative journey for EnviCore. Collaborating with nine international cement manufacturing companies not only expands our reach into global markets but also serves as a validation of our pioneering SCM production technology. Through this partnership, we gain unparalleled access to invaluable resources, paving the path for collaborative innovation, pilot opportunities, and ultimately, a sustainable future where environmental stewardship and technological excellence converge.”

EnviCore – Shahrukh Shamim, CEO and Co-Founder

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Developing a breakthrough ultra low-CO2 manufacturing technology to produce cementitious materials from industry-standard raw materials. The patented technology enables temperatures 1000C lower than those found in a traditional kiln, paving the way for substantial energy reductions.

“Queens Carbon is excited to partner with leading cement industry players via the GCCA Innovandi program. This collaboration will focus on developing and deploying innovative technologies aimed at achieving the GCCA’s 2050 decarbonisation targets. Together, we are not only pushing the boundaries of research and development but also transforming the cement industry to pave the way for a sustainable future.”

Queens Carbon – Daniel Kopp 

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Chement’s technology is room temperature, electrochemical route to the production of cement that also enables a more feasible method of carbon capture.

“Chement is excited to collaborate with the GCCA and its member companies to advance our patent-protected drop-in electrochemical process that produces decarbonised alternative clinker with the same raw materials currently used by the cement industry. We look forward to demonstrating our value to industry leaders by validating that our product is on track to meet both the standards and end-user requirements for portland cement.”

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A nano-activator that activates natural pozzolans to behave like cement, creating high-performance, durable, and low-carbon concrete – called Neocrete.

“The Innovandi Challenge is an amazing opportunity for Neocrete to work with global leaders in the cement industry, showcasing our unique technology to top decision makers. It will also help us better understand the industry and how Neocrete can accelerate its decarbonization and make a global impact.”

NeoCrete – Zarina Bazoeva, CEO

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