About Us

Together, we are committed to building a bright, resilient and sustainable concrete future for our industry and for the world.

Concrete is more than a building material. It provides homes, it connects communities, it encourages trade, it provides energy, it improves health, it broadens people’s minds.

The most widely used man-made product on the planet needs a global voice. The GCCA is the trusted, authoritative platform and voice for the cement and concrete sector across the world. Our work will help ensure that the views of cement and concrete are holistic and based on robust evidence.

Concrete is more than a building material

GCCA’s membership consists of cement producers from right across the globe. With new members joining all the time, we are quickly working towards our membership accounting for 50% of global cement production capacity.

Photo by Paul Mocan on Unsplash

Header photo by Luca Onniboni on Unsplash