Roadmap purpose and scope

01 / The cement and concrete sector emissions are primarily scope 1 and scope 2. The roadmap forecasts do not include scope 3 emissions.

The major scope 3 CO2 emissions are transport related and this has been estimated at between 15-20% of total emissions associated with a typical concrete. Further work is underway to better understand these.  Our sector has a role in procuring low carbon and zero carbon transport and will support full decarbonisation of the transport sector by 2050 to enable our sectors’ transport emissions to align with our net zero commitment. 

The GCCA 2050 Roadmap to net zero concrete builds on the ground-breaking GCCA climate ambition and aligns with global climate targets of limiting global warming to a 1.5ºC scenario. It describes how the industry, with the support of others, can complete the transition already underway, and fully achieve zero carbon concrete by 2050.01

The roadmap outlines the wide range of interconnected requirements needed to reach this critical destination, including: the commitments and obligations of the industry itself; the input of the wider built environment stakeholders, including from architects, engineers, and the full value chain; the necessary policy framework that governments will need to enact to support the transition; as well as the underpinning technological levers, advancements and accompanying investment.

The roadmap to net zero concrete is a comprehensive plan of action for the net zero commitment to be achieved by the mid-century, highlighting the important progress to date, the range of decarbonising action underway today by the sector, and the implementation blueprint for the years ahead towards net zero concrete. The roadmap includes key milestones for 2030.

It is a global roadmap which our member companies and their CEOs are committed to achieving, by working together, and through the involvement of stakeholders across society. In its development there has been detailed input from across all global regions from GCCA members who operate in almost every country of the world and from other sector players. 

Our roadmap is a global reference. All GCCA members are committed to delivering the global roadmap to net zero concrete but may have to follow different pathways to achieving it. Every company, region and country has specific opportunities and challenges that means their specific roadmap to net zero concrete may vary as the technology levers are applied in different ways according to local and regional conditions.