The Innovandi Open Challenge is a global programme which brings together tech start-ups and the world’s leading cement and concrete companies to help accelerate the next wave of innovations to achieve our net zero mission.

The GCCA and its members understand the key role that innovation will play in unlocking a net zero future for concrete, the world’s most used material after water, which is essential to building the sustainable world of tomorrow.

GCCA members – leaders in the sector who operate in almost every country across the globe – are extending their reach beyond their own R&D boundaries to enrich their innovation ecosystems in order to help achieve the vital mission of carbon neutrality. Our Open Challenge seeks to accelerate the technologies that will help us in securing a net zero future.


GCCA is this year challenging the start-ups world on a topic dealing with material innovations requiring substantial testing for implementation and with an impact at scale to tackle climate change. Applicants are being asked to work on the development of new materials and ingredients for low carbon concrete – a major step towards the mission for net zero concrete.

Selected start-ups will gain unique access to:

  • Plants, labs and research facilities
  • Expertise and infrastructure of 40 members across the world to showcase innovation
  • Support to move from ideas to prototype, pilot-tests, proofs of concepts, business cases
  • The access they need to grow

Throughout the program duration, start-ups will receive guidance from the GCCA and its industrial members of nominated lead experts to help them progress in the industrialization of their technology, develop new technologies and/or define new business cases with one or several industrial members.

Members of the GCCA, and its members will internally manage the project (or in partnership with other business partners) with each selected start-up and offer resources, support and coaching to co-develop the business.

Being selected to onboard the GCCA Innovandi Open Challenge program will offer selected startups a high visibility in the cement an concrete sector, as well as equipment’s manufacturers, broader value chain players, investors and wider stakeholders.

If you want to be part of the cement and concrete industry’s journey to net zero and receive support from the largest producers in the world, apply for the Innovandi Open Challenge 2023.

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Innovandi Open Challenge 2021/2022 finalists

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