Our concrete future

Our ‘Concrete Future’ sets out the positive vision for how the cement and concrete industry will play a major role in building the sustainable world of tomorrow. Over the past 100 years, concrete has revolutionised the global built environment. It is the vital building material that has shaped our modern world. As we face the important challenges for future generations, addressing the need for sustainable communities and prosperity, including key infrastructure, homes, clean water and providing resilient communities as our climate changes, as well as supporting the transition to low carbon energy concrete, we are working towards building a brighter world.

Our Concrete Future highlights the commitment of our essential global industry, envisioning a net zero world and our contribution towards it, as well as the comprehensive work to decarbonise already underway.

Today, our member companies are already involved in a circular economy revolution, touching every part of the lifecycle of our product – the manufacture of cement, the cleaner energy we are already using, as well as the more efficient use, reuse and recycling of concrete. 

Our concrete net zero future can be achieved on known technologies, but we are not resting, we are striving to innovate at every stage of the whole life of concrete. Each company is embarking on exciting technological pathways, but through the strength of collaboration we hope to make the journey more streamlined. We are proud of our two world-class global innovation programmes under our Innovandi platform.

To build the Concrete Future requires the collective action of all our member companies, but we cannot achieve it alone. It also requires the input, support and action of others. We call on policymakers, governments, investors, researchers, innovators, customers, end users and financial institutions, to play their part. Here we outline the collective endeavour which will guide us to a net zero future for society’s critical building material and for the world.