1990 to 2020 – INITIAL PROGRESS

The cement industry was the first sector to monitor and publicly report its CO2 emissions on a global level. We have done so for the past 20 years and transparently continue to do so today. Over the past three decades, our industry has reduced its emissions proportionately by around a fifth, predominantly by clinker substitution and fuel side measures. The reductions represent the efforts of producers right across the world.

Concrete production has also been advanced in the past three decades. Investment in mixing equipment, control and quality systems and new admixtures are amongst the developments which have enabled concrete manufacturers to produce concrete more efficiently. There has also been a steady shift in some emerging economies from producing concrete on small project sites using bagged cement to utilising factory production of readymixed or precast concrete. In developed economies digitisation is now being introduced. Amongst the benefits of all these advancements is a reduction of CO2 footprint for equivalent performing concretes.