GCCA India Presents a Report on the Benefits of Concrete Roads over Bituminous Roads

How Concrete roads offer a greater value over the life cycle

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India has the second-largest #road network in the world, currently spanning close to 6 million km. It constitutes a large portion of the national infrastructure and plays a crucial role in the economy. The GCCA India recently released a report making a case for Concrete roads during our CEO committee meeting of member companies. The report focuses on the short and long-term benefits of concrete roads over Bitumen.

Both pavement materials – Concrete and Bituminous asphalt, provide some advantages and disadvantages. However, considering the life-cycle cost, availability of local materials, and durability in harsh conditions (monsoon, unanticipated traffic), concrete pavements prove more suitable for Indian conditions.

The main challenge for concrete roads is the initial cost. However, the true value of the concrete road, over its entire life, is much higher than for bituminous roads. Better road infrastructure is essential for achieving progress in developing countries like India.

The use of materials with low environmental impact will not only result in a smaller carbon footprint but also represent a giant step towards a sustainable future. The different initiatives and their potential benefits show that concrete roads are sustainable alternatives to reduce the negative environmental impact and enhance the quality of the road network.

Since 2014, the speed of the construction of concrete roads for National Highways, expressways, in urban areas, and even at the village level has significantly increased due to the policy adopted by the Government of India. The cement industry has also taken up sustainability in its core production operation. The GHG emission control by clinker substitution and the use of alternate fuel and raw materials have positively impacted the environment. The Global Cement & Concrete Association (GCCA) is positioning concrete as a sustainable material of choice for housing, and infrastructure development, including roads.

GCCA India acknowledges the support and cooperation extended by
1. UltraTech Cement: Dr Ramachandra V & Mr Suresh Patil
2. Mr A K Jain – Principal Consultant, RMCMA GCCA India is thankful to Prof. Ravindra Gettu and Dr Surender Singh from IIT Madras for providing valuable inputs to this report.