Launch of Innovandi Open Challenge 2023

Join us for the launch of Innovandi Open Challenge 2023
14 March, 12:30 – 13:15 UK Time

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Join us on 14 March at 12h30 UK time for of our second Open Challenge, following the success of last year’s programme.

The GCCA and its member companies understand the role that innovation will play in unlocking a net zero future and helping cement and concrete decarbonise by 2050.

Start-ups, investors, accelerators and academic institutions will play a crucial role in bringing innovative products and technologies to our sector to help us achieve this goal.

The Innovandi Open Challenge is a global programme which brings together tech start-ups and GCCA member companies to help accelerate the next wave of innovations to achieve net zero. 

In its second year, the Open Challenge will search for the world’s most exciting start-ups to be onboarded on our bespoke accelerator programme and gain unique access to plants, labs, key networks and world class expertise to develop their technologies. 

The key topic of this second challenge, as well as the way to apply to be selected on our accelerator programme will be unveiled.

We look forward to seeing you on 14 March. Register now.

“Concrete is the second most used substance on earth after water and is a vital part of our modern infrastructure. But we need to cut its emissions. We’re calling on the brightest and best from around the world to join us in the urgent fight to limit global warming and help deliver the prize of net zero concrete. If you are a start up from Austria to Australia, from Brazil to Bangladesh, with an innovative idea or technology, then we want to hear from you.”

Thomas Guillot

2021/2022 Open Challenge Start-ups

The 2021/2022 Open Challenge consortia at our Demo Day in October 2022
2022 Innovandi Open Challenge Demo Day panel discussion on the importance of innovation for our sector

Six exciting startups were selected to partner with our members last year, forming six consortia that focused on carbon capture and recycling.

Carbon BioCapture – based in the USA, Carbon BioCapture’s patented technology for CO2 capture uses microalgae and requires no pre-treatment of industrial gases. It is being supported by Cementos Argos, CEMEX, CRH and Holcim.

CarbonOrO – based in the Netherlands, CarbonOrO uses bi-phasic amine with a lower cost of capture. It is being supported by CEMEX, Holcim, SCG, Titan Cement, UltraTech Cement and Votorantim Cimentos.

Carbon Upcycling Technologies – based in Canada, Carbon Upcycling Technologies chemically activates and captures CO2 within solid waste materials to produce a range of supplementary cementitious materials, to create low carbon cement and concrete. It is being supported by Cementos Argos, CEMEX, CRH, Holcim, Shree Cement and Taiheiyo.

Coomtech – based in the UK, Coomtech has developed a low energy, low cost drying technology using managed turbulent air, creating kinetic energy to remove moisture. It is being supported by Buzzi Unicem, CRH, JSW Cement and UltraTech Cement.

Fortera – based in the USA, Fortera’s technology captures CO2 emissions from cement plants, combining it with calcium oxide to make reactive calcium carbonate. It is being supported by Cementos Argos, CRH, Holcim, JSW Cement, Taiheiyo Cement and Ultratech Cement.

MOF Technologies – based in the UK, it uses Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) to deliver energy-efficient CO2 removal at a fraction of the cost of conventional amines. It is being supported by Buzzi Unicem, Cementir Holding and Heidelberg Materials.

The 2021/22 Open Challenge culminated in the Demo Day, hosted in October 2022 at VdZ in Dusseldorf. It brought together all the start-ups and members to showcase the decarbonisation progress that had been achieved as a result of their partnerships. You can read more about the Demo Day here.

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