Innovandi Open Challenge Consortia

The first 6 consortia between start-ups and GCCA member companies for the inaugural Innovandi Open Challenge have been finalised. These are formal working partnerships that will be supported by the GCCA to accelerate groundbreaking technologies that will help the cement and concrete industry achieve net zero.

The first results of these partnerships will be unveiled at the Demo Day in October 2022.

The six consortia are:

Consortium 1: CarbonOrO

CarbonOrO specialises in carbon capture technology using unique bi-phasic amine with a lower cost of capture.

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Consortium 2: Carbon Upcycling Technologies

Using a patented, low-energy process, Carbon Upcycling Technologies chemically activates and captures CO2 within solid waste materials to produce a range of supplementary cementitious materials, to create low carbon cement and concrete.

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Consortium 3: Coomtech

Coomtech has developed a low energy, low cost drying technology using managed turbulent air, creating kinetic energy to remove moisture.

Revolutionising a 100-year-old process, a single Coomtech-enabled plant can cut CO2 emissions by the equivalent of more than 600,000 mature trees per year and is 75% cheaper to operate.

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Consortium 4: Fortera

Fortera’s technology captures CO2 emissions from cement plants, combining it with calcium oxide to make reactive calcium carbonate. It is stable in dry powder form and its cementitious properties are activated when wetted.

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Consortium 5: MOF Technologies

MOF Technologies has harnessed the high-capacity, selective nature of a new class of solid sorbents called metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) to engineer a filtration system to capture and remove CO2 from flue gas; Nuada. Nuada combines the unique properties of MOFs with mature vacuum swing technology to enable the separation of CO2 from flue gas using pressure rather than heat. This yields an ultra-energy efficient system that reduces the overall energy penalty associated with capture by up to 80%.

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Consortium 6: Carbon BioCapture

Carbon BioCapture’s patented technology for CO2 capture using microalgae.  Their technology requires no pre-treatment of industrial gases and does not use genetically modified strains of microalgae. Instead, it selects and adapts naturally occurring strains to maximize the capture of CO2 using photobioreactors.

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