Climate Ambition Statement – Supporting Quotes

Supporting quotes from the CEOs of our member companies

CRH plc

“The 2050 Climate Ambition represents our industry’s commitment to further reducing emissions and ensuring that the vital product we provide can be delivered on a carbon neutral basis by 2050. There is a significant challenge involved in doing so and achieving alignment across our industry on a sustainable way forward is an important first step. We cannot however succeed alone and in launching our ambition statement we are also highlighting the need for our industry to work collaboratively with other stakeholders in support of our ambition for a more sustainable future.”

Albert Manifold, GCCA President and Chief Executive, CRH plc


“As the largest cement and commercial concrete producer in China, we firmly support GCCA’s Climate Ambition statement and will always commit to achieving sustainable development and addressing climate change. Every year, we use 150 million tons of industrial waste as alternative raw material. And the system of power generation by waste heat has been implemented across the whole cement production line. Carbon emissions have been reduced by nearly 6 million tons per year. We will continue to work to respond to the environmental challenges brought by climate change actively.”

Cao Jianglin, Chief Executive of China National Building Material Co., Ltd.

Breedon Group

“Breedon is totally committed to being part of the journey to achieve net zero by 2050. With our products being used in long lasting infrastructure, we recognise the importance of preventing or mitigating any negative impacts and our aim is to make a positive contribution to the built environment now and for future generations.

The journey to net zero is a really big challenge for all industries, not just ours, and can only be achieved if there’s a collective effort to drive the transition. It might not yet be clear exactly what technical solutions or product innovations will ultimately enable us to go beyond net zero, but by engaging with global bodies like the GCCA and by actively collaborating with industry colleagues and the scientific community to explore the potential use of low-carbon technologies like bioenergy; hydrogen and carbon capture and storage, we’re determined to make it happen.”

Pat Ward, Group Chief Executive, Breedon

Cementos Argos

“At Argos, we believe climate change is both a challenge and a business opportunity for our direct operations and value chain. That is why we’ve worked within our Environmental strategy, on a Climate Change plan that set clear targets. To date, we’ve reached a 56% of the current one. It is on this framework, on which we are progressively working on conscious innovation solutions to improve processes, products and services to finally give our clients a portfolio with higher sustainability standards. Some of those solutions include novel cementitious materials such as calcined clays at an industrial scale, microalgae CO2 capture, chemical activation of the clinker and further alternative fuels usage at all geographies.”

Juan Esteban Calle, CEO, Cementos Argos

Cementos Molins

“Our company, Cementos Molins, is fully committed to developing all action plans that allow us to achieve the objectives of the “GCCA 2050 Climate Ambition” and overcome the difficulties that this big challenge represents for our industry; we cannot succeed alone and therefore we will redouble our efforts to lead initiatives and collaboration plans with our stakeholders from the conviction that Concrete is a key material for the development and prosperity of our Society and that by working together we can enjoy the great advantages that concrete offers us in a completely compatible way with a sustainable future for humanity.”

Julio Rodríguez, CEO of Cementos Molins


“Climate change is one of the main challenges of our time. Our commitment to sustainability is one of our Association’s fundamental pillars because we believe it is essential to create lasting value in society. We aim to build a better, more sustainable future, leveraging in our industry’s commitment and experience.”

Fernando A. Gonzalez, CEO of CEMEX

Dalmia Cement

“The exciting journey of net zero emissions by mid-century is filled with challenges and opportunities. Being a progressive sector, cement industry has shown collective will to bring down the GHG emissions and turn them into opportunities. This resulted into some decoupling of GHG emissions from cement capacity growth. Going forward, I see even more collective strength is emerging as a Possible-to-Abate sector and implement the right choices. The GCCA Climate Ambition launched today is an important milestone towards this important collaborative approach. For example, Cement industry in India is considered the lowest carbon footprint cement producer with deployment of latest state-of-the-art technologies and I am confident that Cement Industry will boldly adopt the new zero/low carbon technological developments.”

Mahendra Singhi, MD and CEO, Dalmia Cement (Bharat) Limited


“GCC is proud to be a founding member of GCCA and fully supports the 2050 Climate Ambition. The actions GCC have already taken and the roadmap to the future will help ensure our industry achieves a carbon-neutral future. As a leading supplier of cement and concrete, we believe that sustainable manufacturing process and construction techniques will build a cleaner, safer future for generations to come.”

Hector Enrique Escalante Ochoa, Chief Executive Officer, Grupo Cementos de Chihuahua SA

Heidelberg Cement

“HeidelbergCement is fully committed to deliver carbon-neutral concrete by 2050 the latest. We therefore welcome the commitment of all GCCA members to work together across the built environment value chain to deliver this ambitious aspiration.”

Dr Dominik von Achten, Chairman of the Managing Board, HeidelbergCement AG

JSW Cement

“We are happy to be part of GCCA climate ambition 2050. We at JSW Cement have one of the lowest carbon footprint (298 kg CO2/Tonne of Cement) in the Cement Industry and would like to maintain this leadership position. We are pursuing multiple research projects to produce carbon neutral cement products and hope to achieve success much before 2050.”

Mr Nilesh Narwekar, CEO, JSW Cement Limited


“I believe in building a world that works for people and the planet. Given the size of today’s climate challenge, no single company can solve it alone. I congratulate the GCCA for bringing us all together to establish this joint ambition towards carbon neutrality. I will not stop pushing the boundaries for green construction.”

Jan Jenisch, CEO, LafargeHolcim

Nesher Israel Cement

“Nesher Israel Cement Enterprises is proud to be a member of the GCCA and to be a part of the 2050 Climate Ambition. As Israel’s sole cement producer, we have the responsibility of promoting circular economy and low-carbon cements in the Israeli market. Over the last five years, Nesher has made tremendous progress in the use of alternative fuels, reaching fuel substitution levels of more than 30%. Looking forward, our goal is to reach fuel substitution levels of more than 80% by 2030, and by this to substantially reduce fuel-component CO2 emissions. In addition, Nesher will continue to promote the use of low-clinker content CEM-II and CEM-III cements in the local construction market, despite unfavourable local market conditions (imports of CEM-I cement; limitations on the use of some Supplementary Cementitious Materials). Sharing the GCCA’s climate vision, Nesher will continue to implement all available and viable measures to reduce CO2 emissions from its operations.”

Mr. Eldad Benmoshe, CEO, Nesher Israel Cement

SCHWENK Building Materials Group

“Sustainable awareness and action are more than just a current fashion. They also form the basis for future-oriented management and long-term success in our society.

Therefore, we have to take our business, environmental and social responsibilities seriously and make our decisions with a long-term view to the next generations and the future.”

Thomas Spannagl, CEO SCHWENK Building Materials Group

Siam City Cement

“At Siam City Cement, we see our purpose as being here to Build for Life.

Building for Life at SCCC means participating with all stakeholders in the value chain to sustainably lower carbon intensity and waste:

• Working with architects to enable them to design living spaces geared for positive human experiences and community/social interactions. Architects who built innovatively for lowest carbon intensity over total living space life cycle, from the build-phase through the inhabitation and usage life of the structures they create.

• Working with designers to make available suitable proper materials to enable smart, innovative, lean, building and living space designs which use “just enough” precious resources and materials. Thereby enabling them to avoid unnecessary over-design and wastage, but yet still deliver structural solutions which are safe and simple to maintain over full life cycle and which can be recycled to the highest degree at end of life.

• Working on concrete and other adjacent building products which have lowest carbon intensity, lowest clinker intensity, but highest performance levels of highest quality consistency.

• Working in cement manufacturing processes to lower the carbon intensity in clinker, with lowest water footprints, minimized environmental impacts, responsible biodiversity impacts and providing socially responsible outcomes for employees and communities we interact with.”

Mr. Aidan John Lynam, Director and Group CEO, Siam City Cement

Taiheiyo Cement

“I welcome the ambition statement from the GCCA targeting a carbon neutral future. Achieving carbon neutral concrete is ambitious, but ambition is what drives us to overcome the challenges we will face in delivering this essential component for all aspects of modern infrastructure. Together with the GCCA, we will contribute to the creation of a carbon neutral future.”

Shuji Fukuda, Chairman and Director, Taiheiyo Cement

Taiwan Cement

“Everything in nature has its own beauty. Human society and natural environment should be able to improve at the same time without seriously affecting our planet. So carbon dioxide emission and the balance of nature is the challenge of our cement industry Taiwan Cement will do our best to fulfil our responsibility and obligation to Earth.”

Nelson An-ping Chang, Chairman and Chief Executive of Taiwan Cement Corporation

UltraTech Cement

“UltraTech is a firm believer that companies across the built environment can come together and build climate resilient structures in a below 1.5-degree world. We believe this journey will be challenging but are fully committed to working together within our sector, and with wider partners, to achieving our ambition. Our company has stepped up climate action by accelerating adoption of key levers like low clinker products, energy efficiency, renewable energy, waste heat recovery, and use of alternate fuel and raw material.”

Mr Kailash Jhanwar, Managing Director, UltraTech Cement

West China Cement

“Reducing carbon emissions has been a long-term goal of Western Cement, and we have already achieved some carbon emission reductions in some areas. In the future, we will continue to work with GCCA to enhance the development and application of new technologies and the use of clean energy to achieve carbon neutrality in concrete industry.”

Ma Weiping, CEO of Western Cement