JSW Cement

Nandyal is an integrated unit of JSW Cement works. The company, built on the philosophy of the circular economy, is producing primarily the GGBS and PSC, using Blast Furnace (BF) Slag, which accounts for almost 90% of its total product portfolio. 

The company has a dedicated R&D department which works aggressively towards utilisation of different types of slags in its manufacturing operations. In 2022-23, the company started to explore the possibility of adding slags to the raw ingredients for the production of clinker, without affecting its quality parameters. After conducting a few trials around raw mix optimisation, the company is currently using Al-killed Slag – another type of by-product, beside BF slag, from steel plants, at its Nandyal plant. This has led to not only a reduction of CO₂ emissions but also resulted in the conservation of virgin raw materials, such as limestone. In FY 23, the company has used ~43000 T of Al-killed Slag partly substituting Limestone and Alumina and has avoided ~7000 T of CO₂ emissions.