Industry Emissions Reductions Progress

The GCCA, through an independent third party, gathers key data from the industry in order to transparently repot annual progress in delivering sustainability commitments. This is called GNR (“GCCA in NumbeRs”) and is a key tool in how key sustainability progress is monitored and reported.

*Latest data available in 2023* 

The headline findings of the latest data – 2020 GNR Data are as follows:

  • The 2021 Cement Industry GNR data show a 23%* reduction in CO2 per tonne of cementitious has been achieved since 1990
  • The proportion of alternative fuels used is 10 times greater than in 1990
  • Energy efficiency has improved by 19%

It is important to note here that the GCCA GNR data does not cover the whole industry. While it is not a 100% coverage of the progress our industry as a whole has achieved against the milestones set out in our roadmap, it is a reliable indicator that our sector is moving very much in the right direction.

*Note 23% is a rounded figure – actual figure, accurate to 1 decimal places, is 22.7%

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