Huaxin Cement is developing intelligent technology for low-carbon manufacturing of cement, including an advanced intelligent control system for low-carbon manufacturing of cement under complex raw materials and fuels, an intelligent joint storage material processing system based on unmanned driving technology, an intelligent on line quality control system for cement driven production processes
using quality data, and an intelligent equipment monitoring and optimisation system for comprehensive monitoring of production equipment and safety.

These systems have been widely promoted and applied in the Huaxin cement plant, and the alternative fuel substitution rate has increased by over 5%. As of now, The TSR of alternative fuels (mostly RDF) of the entire group has reached 22.5%, with Huaxin Huangshi plant exceeding 40%, which is significantly better than the Chinese cement industry average of 2%. The company is working to realise the large-scale use of alternative raw materials and fuels in cement plants for long-term stable operation, and significantly reduce carbon emissions.