Cementos Molins

Our alternative raw materials plant has reached a significant milestone in its first year of operation, recovering more that 75,000 tonnes of industrial and construction water and reincorporating it into the value chain.

Covering more than 3,250 square metres, the plant prevents waste from ending up in landfills and converts it into valuable resources, for the manufacture of building materials, thus promoting the circular economy.

We apply two treatments to the waste that we receive. Crushing and sifting processes are used, chiefly for the waste generated at our concrete plants, turning it into high quality and CEO-marked recycled aggregates. Moreover, a waste dosing and homogenisation process is applied, to produce the alternative materials that will be used in the manufacture of our cements, replacing natural resources.

The alternative raw materials plant has enabled us to significantly increase the replacement of raw materials with alternatives, which currently accounts for 12.7% of the manufacture of our cements. All this allows us to offer our customers more competitive products in terms of efficiency and sustainability.

Our commitment to the circular economy, a pillar of our 2030 Sustainability Roadmap, reduces our carbon footprint and gives a second life to a high percentage of the materials that we use.

The alternative raw materials plant asserts the commitment of Cementos Molins to the development of sustainable and innovative products for the construction industry.