Asia Cement Corporation

Asia Cement is committed to energy conservation, carbon reduction and environmental conservation, making substantial contributions to maintaining the earth’s ecological balance and responding to climate change. In terms of carbon reduction performance, Asia Cement Corp. actively promotes the circular economy and reduces carbon emissions in the clinker production process. Taking 2022 as an example, by reusing 400,000 tons of alternative raw materials and 30,000 tons of alternative fuels, approximately 100,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions will be saved; and it will be the first in Taiwan to produce low-carbon bulk Portland limestone cement and bagged masonry cement, effectively reducing carbon emissions by 10% and 18%.

Since 1969, the Asia Cement ecological restoration team has been working on biodiversity conservation, using innovative natural afforestation methods to promote greening of mine sites. After more than 20 years of restoration, it can be restored to the original forest level and wild animals return to their original habitat. At the same time, we have invested great efforts in off-site restoration and set up an ecological park near the factory to cultivate butterflies, stick insects, and Taiwanese native plants. It is now a very famous ecological and environmental education site in Taiwan. Asia Cement will be a positive force for environmental friendliness, pass it on to the outside world, and implement the goals of sustainable development.