Net Zero Accelerator

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In early 2022, the GCCA launched its Net Zero Roadmap Accelerator initiative, to help national cement and concrete industries decarbonise in line with the GCCA’s 2050 Net Zero Global Industry Roadmap.

It was start of the national and regional phase of the GCCA’s 2050 Net Zero Global Roadmap, which emphasises the importance of local action and policymaking to help the cement and concrete industry achieve its decarbonisation commitments.

While the GCCA 2050 Roadmap was a global commitment, many of the levers need to be implemented on a country or regional basis. Under the accelerators, the GCCA is working with local industry and policymakers to identify the local levers and challenges and recommending key actions.

This includes encouraging government policies that can have an immediate impact, such as better recycling, the use of waste as an alternative to fossil fuels, and other circular economy practices. It also includes identifying lighthouse projects that can fully eliminate emissions over the next decades, such as carbon capture utilisation and storage technologies.

First phases of Accelerator program include focus across the global south to help decarbonisation progress where building and infrastructure needs have been called the most pressing

Accelerator program includes national roadmaps and government dialogues in Egypt, India, Thailand, and Colombia – kicking off local phase of 2050 net zero global commitment

Phase 2 countries are already underway and will be announced soon. National and regional cement and concrete associations are helping to progress decarbonation activity across the globe. Cement and concrete decarbonisation roadmaps already exist in