Cement Association of Canada

Unique Government – Industry Partnership at the core of Canada’s First Step Towards Net-Zero Concrete

Launched in November 2022, The Roadmap to Net-Zero Carbon Concrete by 2050 provides guidance on the technologies, tools and policies needed for the Canada’s cement and concrete industry to achieve net-‑zero carbon emissions while ensuring it remains competitive in a global net zero economy.

The Roadmap was spearheaded by a joint government-industry working group co-led by the Cement Association of Canada and the Government of Canada (Innovation, Science and Economic Development). The working group included key players from Government, the Canadian cement and concrete industry, and environmental experts.

Through the Roadmap, Canada’s cement and concrete industry has committed to reducing more than 15 megatonnes of GHGs cumulatively by 2030 with ongoing annual reductions of more than 4 Mt thereafter.

Progress on the Roadmap will be monitored and reported on annually via a Steering Committee which includes representatives from both industry and government.

The joint Government-Industry Roadmap is an important first step, but far from being the last. Set to be released in 2023, Canada’s cement and concrete industry Action Plan to produce net-zero concrete by 2050 will include significant milestones, including cutting carbon emissions up to 40% by 2030.