SDG 17: Partnership for the Goals

Revitalise the global partnership for sustainable development.

In 2015, the world adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, setting out targets to end poverty, reduce inequality, and combat climate change. Achieving these goals will need partnerships between governments, civil society, science and academia, and the private sector.

SDG17 aims to build these partnerships, mobilising resources to provide all countries the means to achieve sustainable development. It calls for better collaboration on finance, technology, trade, and capacity building, as well as well-functioning mechanisms for knowledge transfer to avoid duplication of work and promote learning from experience.

How the cement and concrete industry is making a positive difference

Meeting the Sustainable Development Goals is not possible through the isolated actions of one company or sector; the challenges require a collaborative and cooperative approach to ensure success.

Through the GCCA and its initiatives, such as Innovandi – the Global Cement and Concrete Research Network and the GCCA Climate Ambition, the cement and concrete industry has come together to find solutions to the challenges that we face today. At the heart of GCCA activities is the GCCA Sustainability Charter, which commits GCCA members to its requirements, holds them accountable through its measurement and reporting standards, and catalyses partnerships within the industry to achieve its common sustainability goals.

Case studies

Innovandi: Global Cement and Concrete Research Network

Titan: Engaging Locally for the SDGs