2 July 2019

GCCA India Launches

Key aim to drive ongoing sustainability work across Indian cement sector

The Global Cement and Concrete Association (GCCA) has today announced the launch of GCCA India.

Based in Mumbai, GCCA India will focus on driving forward the key sustainability work underway within the cement sector, in the second largest cement producing nation in the world.

As part of GCCA’s strategic partnership with the World Business Council on Sustainable Development, GCCA India takes over the work of the Cement Sustainability Initiative (CSI) India which formerly served as the sector’s sustainability alliance.

GCCA India was today officially launched at a distinguished inauguration event in New Delhi. A number of leading Indian cement companies joined a high-level panel, discussing ‘the Role of the Cement & Concrete sector in the Circular Economy’ – panellists included Mr. K. K. Maheshwari, MD of UltraTech Cement and Mr. Jamshed Cooper, MD of Heidelberg Cement India.

Speaking at the GCCA India launch event in Delhi, Benjamin Sporton, GCCA Chief Executive Officer said: “I’m delighted to officially launch GCCA India. Building collaboration and bringing important focus to the sustainability work that is underway across the cement sector in India is vital.

“India is clearly a critical market in terms of cement producing capacity and with population growth, and the growing demand and need for safe homes and key infrastructure, cement and concrete are clearly going to play an important role in the future development of the country. It’s very much the aim of GCCA India to help ensure that this is undertaken in a sustainable way.”

The Indian cement industry has been a partner in India’s development and has helped accelerate key development projects such as affordable housing and infrastructure. Equally, the Indian cement industry is conscious and aware of its responsibility to ensure a sustainable approach to its business conduct. Recently, the India Cement Sector SDG Roadmap was launched to help realise the potential of the sector to contribute to the 2030 agenda.

Speaking about GCCA India’s launch, UltraTech Cement Limited Managing Director Mr K. K. Maheshwari said, “Looking at the key role the Indian cement sector will play in achieving sustainable development goals (SDGs), climate change and circular economy related objectives, GCCA has decided to launch its operations in India. I am confident that GCCA India’s launch will help to further accelerate the sustainable development agenda of the Indian cement industry.”

GCCA India will help ensure that in terms of the sector commitments to sustainability, innovation in technology and manufacture, and collaboration across the wider built environment, the Indian cement sector can play a key leadership role.

GCCA India will develop a work program that will focus on the wider global GCCA priorities but with practical application across the Indian built environment.

GCCA priorities include:

  • Positioning concrete as the sustainable building material of choice
  • Promoting best practice in the areas of safety, production and the use of cement and concrete in the built environment
  • Fostering innovation in the cement and concrete sectors
  • Making a positive contribution to sustainable development
  • Promoting the principles of a circular economy across the value chain

About the GCCA

Launched in January 2018, the Global Cement and Concrete Association (GCCA) is dedicated to developing and strengthening the sector’s contribution to sustainable construction. The GCCA aims to foster innovation throughout the construction value chain in collaboration with industry associations as well as architects, engineers and innovators. In this way, the association demonstrates how concrete solutions can meet global construction challenges and sustainable development goals while showcasing responsible industrial leadership in the manufacture and use of cement and concrete. The GCCA is headquartered in London, England. It complements and supports the work done by associations at national and regional level.

About GCCA India

GCCA India has been launched with the aim to work with Indian cement companies to drive sustainability and innovation projects. Its purpose is to identify actions and facilitate collaboration across the cement & concrete sector in order to accelerate progress towards sustainable development.

Notes to Editor

Indian Cement Industry Progress on Sustainability Agenda:

The Indian cement industry is working towards having a more positive social and environmental impact along with the sector’s growth. It has taken the lead in using key sustainability levers like blended cement, energy efficiency, alternative fuel and raw material (AFR), waste heat recovery systems (WHRS) and renewable energy.

The Indian cement industry has achieved significant progress on the sustainability agenda. Some of the highlights include:

  • Collectively, the industry has reduced specific CO2 emission levels by about 36% from 1996 baseline.
  • The share of cements with a reduced clinker content has increased from 68% to 73% from a 2010 baseline.
  • The capacity of waste heat recovery systems (WHRS) in India tripled in 2017 (344 MW) from its base level in 2010 (110 MW The average thermal substitution rate (TSR) of fossil fuels by waste in the Indian cement industry has moved up to 3% from less than 1% a couple of years ago. The industry is now working towards reaching TSR of 25% by 2025 and 30% by 2030. The benefits of fuels substitution are multiple: reducing CO2 emissions and reducing dependence on fossil fuels. Also, this waste is diverted from landfill and incineration. It is a practical, cost-efficient and safe waste management option.

[Data on sustainability progresses of the Indian cement industry is available at Low Carbon Roadmap for Indian Cement Industry Status Review 2018]

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