CarbonOrO’s mission is to mitigate climate change by turning landfills or AD plants into a source of renewable energy or extracting the CO2 out of flue gas.

CarbonOrO is a producer of gas scrubbing units, using amines. Their carbon capture technology can be applied across emission sources containing 4-50% CO2 with a CO2 capture rate potential of > 99% and unique HSE characteristics. CarbonOrO expects to bring prices for carbon capture to below 25 €/t CO2 for large emitting installations, with compact and scalable units that can be installed in series. Units are partly built in plastic. They have produced their first full scale unit for a waste company in the UK and are presently working with Total and TNO to set-up a 1.5 kt/yr CO2 test installation.

Launched in 2013
Location: Naarden, Netherlands