Concrete in Life 2022

Welcome to the GCCA’s 4th annual Concrete in Life photography competition


As one of the most widely used man-made products on the planet, concrete is all around us: in our houses and offices; our roads and pavements; in the bridges that connect us; the wind farms that provide us with energy; and the sea barriers that protect us. As the sustainable building material of choice, it provides safe, durable and resilient structures as well as providing the basis for renewable energy infrastructure.

The Concrete in Life photography competition is our annual competition, open to amateur and professional photographers (or anyone with a camera phone) around the world. It tasks you to take a picture of what concrete means to you in your daily life.

Our 2022 competition received over 14,000 entries from all over the world – the most we’ve ever had. The standard of the photos was amazing – thank you to all those that entered.

Our overall winner receives $10,000 and our remaining category winners each receive $2,500.

Congratulations to our winners. Stay tuned for our next competition.

2022 Concrete in Life Winners

Ferdz Bedana (@ferdzbedana)
Skateboarder, Sharjah, UAE

“It’s a great honour to be the overall winner of the Concrete in Life 2022 competition and spread the story of how concrete is a big contribution to our lives. I was interested to take a photo of this skatepark when I saw a boy enjoying playing in an artistic concrete design.”

Joey S. Reginaldo (@sijoeyto_)

Metro Station, Dubai

“I took the image because I was amazed not only by its futuristic design but also, I want to showcase how concrete can play a major role to create such stunning design. I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to promote concrete as one of the important factors to make our world a better place to live in.”

Dinar Wahyu Herlambang (@idealisticalith)
Waterwall of Watu Purbo, Indonesia

“It’s delightful that my photo can deliver visualisation of the importance of concrete as vital infrastructure for our environment that supports the lives of people around it, just like the dam of Mt. Merapi, Indonesia.” 

Chek Poh Wong (@saslwp)
Interchange, Guangzhou, China

“I am extremely delighted to win my first competition of the year. It struck me how massive such a road network is when I saw the aerial view, and the amount of concrete that goes into its construction. Concrete plays an important role in our daily lives.  The safety, convenience, and sustainability it brings cannot be underestimated.”

Muhana Syafiquddary (@tombowatuk)
Roller Race, Indonesia

“I wanted to capture the role of concrete in daily life, especially in roller skate sports that uses concrete for creating the circuit. It is an honour for me to win the Concrete in Life 2022 competition and tell the story of how concrete is bringing benefits to our life and my country.”

Azim Khan Ronnie (@azimronnie1)
Rice Mill, Bangladesh

“I am honoured and delighted to be a winner in the Concrete in Life 2022 competition. Everyday our livelihood is dependent on concrete. In this picture we can see rice/paddy drying in the large rice mill, whose surface is made with concrete. Without the concrete surface the rice can’t be drying and ready for our essential food.”

Mariana Rios (@mariana.rihe)
Contemplation, Mexico

“I am delighted to be a winner of the Concrete in Life 2022 competition and to share the beauty of architecture. The intention of my photography is to show how a monumental space is generated through light and shadow on concrete, which, by emphasising the human scale and its relationship with the environment, invites the user to meditate.”

Fatma Demir (@fatmademirphotography)
The Boy, Istanbul, Turkey

My picture demonstrates what stunning architecture can be created from concrete. This amazing building opened in 2014 and has won many prestigious awards for its innovative architecture and use of materials. I was excited to visit and lucky to capture this image of a young boy playing.”

The Shortlist

Urban Concrete Amateur

Urban Concrete Professional

Concrete Infrastructure Amateur

Concrete Infrastructure Professional

Concrete in Daily Life Amateur

Concrete in Daily Life Professional

Concrete Beauty and Design Amateur

Concrete Beauty and Design Professional

The Judges

Thomas Guillot
Chief Executive, GCCA

“Concrete is the second most used substance on earth after water and plays a vital part in modern infrastructure and society. Through the work of the GCCA and our members, to implement our 2050 Net Zero Roadmap, we are working hard and making progress in reducing its environmental impact.”

These amazing photos capture the appeal of concrete design and the essential role it plays in modern life and communities everywhere.”

Norman Miller

“Concrete underpins the very fabric of our society and is vital for our infrastructure. I was delighted to see images of concrete that celebrate technological improvements, its sustainable benefits and aesthetic uses that get away from the idea that concrete is ‘ugly’.”

Chris George
Content Director at Digital Camera World

“Concrete is all around us and its appeal is often overlooked. The entries for this year’s Concrete in Life competition prove it’s possible to take stunning shots of architecture as well as show the allure of this omnipresent building material.”

2022 Categories (8 Total)

Urban design and use

#UrbanConcrete – images of the city landscapes and buildings around us, both well-known and hidden away

Amateur and Professional categories

Concrete Infrastructure

#ConcreteInfrastructure – photographs of our infrastructure, in our cities and rural, above and below ground.

Amateur and Professional categories

Concrete in Daily Life

#ConcreteInDailyLife – the human side of concrete and how it’s used and interacted with daily.

Amateur and Professional categories

Beauty and Design

#ConcreteBeautyAndDesign – showcasing beautiful uses concrete in the world around us – such as stunningly designed buildings, sculptures or landmarks.

Amateur and Professional categories

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