Concrete and Sustainability

Concrete is the most used man-made material on earth. It forms the foundations of cities and connects communities. Without it, many of the elements of modern life we take for granted today wouldn’t be possible – safe buildings and homes, roads, tunnels and bridges, clean water and clean energy.

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Buildings & Communities

20 Ways Concrete is Sustainable

Concrete will also play a vital role in providing solutions to the challenges of the future and in building a sustainable world of tomorrow. Concrete has amazing sustainability benefits and we are working hard to make it even more sustainable.

A growing global population and new cities to support them means concrete’s contribution is crucial. It’s a locally sourced material that supports communities, builds houses, enables infrastructure that connects cities, transports people and goods, and protects land against flooding and erosion.

Its inherent benefits and sustainability values mean concrete is uniquely placed to help the world towards a more sustainable future. Click on the icons below to find out more.

Concrete in Sustainable Buildings

Concrete in Sustainable Communities

Concrete is a unique material, which is why we take the challenge of sustainability seriously as a sector.

  • Our GNR reports show that cement companies have already achieved a significant 18.3% reduction in CO2 per tonne of cementitious product since 1990 (among other facts).
  • Harnessing and leveraging innovative technologies will be key to unlocking the sector’s sustainable future. Through the launch of our Innovandi network, tying businesses and academic institutions together, we’ll continue to drive sustainability across the industry into 2020 and beyond.
  • We are continuing to work throughout the built environment to share best practice and ensure that improvements can be made across the whole value chain – from the production of cement, to how it’s transported, to it’s very use in buildings and infrastructure. Each step matters.

At the GCCA, our vision sees a world where concrete supports global sustainable economic, social and environmental development priorities; and where it is valued as an essential material to deliver a sustainable future for generations to come.

Header photo by Paul Mocan on Unsplash