Taiwan Cement

From 2022 to 2023, Taiwan Cement Corporation’s Yingde Plant completed the construction of PV systems, exceeding 8MWp in capacity, as well as the largest 43.2MW/107.3MWh Battery Energy Storage System in China’s cement industry. Led by NHOA Energy, a subsidiary of Taiwan Cement Group known for its technological expertise, it was successfully deployed and connected to the grid. The project’s key features including:

  • Robust Energy Storage: it consistently stores energy from the grid or renewables, reducing carbon emissions from power applications.
  • Peak saving: charges during off-peak hours, reducing reliance on the grid during peak demand, minimising impact of fluctuating electricity prices and achieving significant cost savings.
  • Grid Resilience: acts as a reliable resource during grid emergencies, ensuring critical processes continue uninterrupted.

Key Indicators:
Annual storage capacity of 46 million kWh.