Taiheiyo Cement

Development of CO₂ Capture Technology for the Cement Production Process

Taiheiyo Cement Corporation will soon complete a pilot plant to demonstrate technology for CO2 capture during the cement production process, under a project funded by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organisation.

The goal of the project, which is one of the Green Innovation Funding Projects launched by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, is to develop the world’s first calciner to efficiently capture CO₂, and will include a methanation system suitable for cement production as follows:

  • Development of the CO₂ Capture cement production
    process (C2SP kiln)
    • This project aims to develop an efficient CO₂ capture technology by installing a unique “CO₂ capture calciner” where oxygen enriched gas is used as a combustion aid to ensure that highly concentrated CO₂ can be captured in a compact device. Existing preheater and rotary kiln equipment can be used without major modification, resulting in high thermal efficiency and maintaining the volume of recycled raw materials that can be utilised.
  • Development of the methanation system
    • The captured, highly concentrated CO₂ can be converted to methane (CH4) by contact with hydrogen, and the methane obtained can be used as an alternative thermal energy source for cement production and city gas.