The Portland Cement Association, representing the majority of America’s cement manufacturers, celebrates the second anniversary of its Roadmap to Carbon Neutrality this fall. In less than two years, the Roadmap is steadily navigating the U.S. cement industry toward decarbonisation. In 2022, more than 1.8 million metric tons of carbon were avoided by the increased adoption of lower-carbon cement in the U.S.

What’s more, lower-carbon portland-limestone cement attained a significant milestone in the U.S. in June. It is now the most common hydraulic cement in the U.S. for general concrete construction. According to U.S. Geological Survey data, the market share for blended cements reached 54.5% in June, and PLC’s share of blended cement was 95%, marking the first time PLC represented more than 51% of the portland and blended cement market in the U.S. Additionally, more than 70% of PCA member companies use alternative and/or renewable fuels, and six carbon capture and utilisation (CCUS) projects are underway.

Looking ahead, the PCA sees a substantial upswing in efforts to combat climate change. Notably, the PCA is currently spearheading the development of voluntary guidelines for low-carbon cement and concrete. This initiative aims to streamline and enhance sustainability practices across the industry, a crucial step in the industry’s journey towards net zero.