Cementos Pacasmayo

High Early-Strength (HE) cement is Cementos Pacasmayo’s latest addition to its product line, intended to gradually replace traditional Portland cement. This novel cement formulation adheres to the ASTM C1157 standard and has a reduced clinker content, with approximately 8% reduction when compared to the traditional Type I cement.

Therefore, this results in an embedded CO2 reduction of around 9%. The development of this cement is in constant improvement, thus it has the potential to incorporate supplementary cementitious materials or even process additions in the future.

Initially, HE is targeted for the handcrafted precast segment, but is part of an ambitious product development strategy to expand its use across other business units.

Currently, 85% of Cementos Pacasmayo’s sales derive from blended cements. The objective behind these new cement types is to achieve a projection where, by 2028, 95% of the company’s cement sales are from blended varieties. This aligns with the Peruvian Cement Industry Roadmap that the company has endorsed.