Sustainability Indicator Reports:

As a sign of the commitment of its companies, the AFCP periodically provides updated reports on the evolution of consolidated indicators related to environmental, industrial and labor performance, whose historical comparison with similar data from previous periods makes visible the improvements achieved, as well as establishing guidelines for future improvements.

Argentina-FICEM Net Zero Roadmap Concrete 2050

The AFCP, together with its partners, are collaborating with Inter-American Cement Federation (FICEM) to update the Argentine Roadmap 2030 for the country’s industry. During 2024, the adaptation of the current Roadmaps will be carried out from the 2DS trajectories to 2030 towards the 1.5DS trajectories to 2050 (Carbon neutrality), with the reference of the Roadmap Cement and Concrete Industry for Net Zero Concrete 2050 of GCCA.

In line with the development of the Roadmap Concrete 2050 and with the aim of providing information to the decarbonization of the cement sector in Argentina, AFCP is carrying out a study on Recarbonation of cement-based materials (CO2 capture during service life) together with the National University of the Center of the Province of Buenos Aires (UNICEN). Likewise, together with FICEM, the life cycle analysis for waste management in Argentina is being carried out.

Update of the IRAM 50,000 standard (Cement. Cements for general use. Composition and requirements)

The standard defines the different types of cements for structural use based on their composition and the physical, chemical and mechanical requirements of each of them. AFCP, together with its associates and The National Institute Of Industrial Technology (INTI), is working in the Argentine Institute of Standardization and Certification (IRAM) Cement Subcommittee to update the standard by incorporating a new type of composite Portland cement, which would allow a content of mineral additions of between 35 and 50%, reducing the content of Clinker and consequently CO2 emissions.