GCCA CEO Gathering 2022 – Atlanta, Georgia USA

Building Our Sustainable Concrete Future – Accelerating and empowering the roadmap implementation

8th-9th June 2022

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From the 8th-9th June 2022, the GCCA will be holding it’s first in-person gathering in three years, at the Whitley Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia. This will be an exciting opportunity to bring together the senior leadership of member companies in person – the first time since the start of the pandemic.

Who Should Attend? All Member Company CEOs, Principal Representatives, GCCA Steering Committee, Member Company Sustainability Heads, Co-Chairs and Working Group Members, and Affiliate National and Regional Association Heads.

The event is intended to provide an important platform for us to engage in key strategic discussions – including our industry vision and shared decarbonisation mission. With the launch of our global Roadmap and net zero commitment last year, it is important for us to discuss the next steps towards achieving the path we have set for ourselves, including maximising the opportunities and overcoming the challenges that lie ahead.

To aid our discussion, the event will also have contributions from high-level and engaging external speakers. Speakers include:

Please find the full brochure for the GCCA CEO Gathering available here.

Day 1 – Wednesday, June 8th – Building our sustainable concrete future – accelerating and empowering the roadmap implementation (9:30AM-6PM)

The discussion will focus on accelerating the Net Zero Transition. This will cover 3 topics:

1. Net Zero Delivery – How do we accelerate and empower the roadmap implementation
Objective: build accountability and ownership for the roadmap delivery. Discussions will also focus on external collaboration and how we can work with partners to achieve our goals.

2. Challenges & Opportunities of the Built Environment

Objective: To hold key discussions on the required buildings, infrastructure and cities of tomorrow, and the role of cement and concrete in building sustainable and resilient communities around the world.

This session will also be broadcasted online. Online attendees can register for this webinar here.

3. CCUS – Making it happen

Objective: bring urgency on the need to accelerate CCUS development. Discuss the big questions.  

Evening Drinks Reception and Dinner from 7:30PM onwards.

Day 2 – Thursday, June 9th – Roadmap Acceleration Programme (8:30AM-5PM)

All attendees welcome but CEOs not obligated to attend.

The second day of the gathering covers the alignment and delivery of the GCCA Work Program, as well as Working Group discussions.

Informal drinks reception and dinner from 6:30PM onwards.

Day 3 – Friday, June 10th – Affiliates – Partnership Council Meeting (8:30AM-12PM)

Affiliate national and regional heads only.

High level topical discussion, regional updates, discussing future collaboration, and how the GCCA can assist with this.