RECODE: First demonstration of carbon capture and utilisation in the area of Southeastern Europe

Funded by the European Union, the RECODE project focused on capturing and utilising carbon dioxide and converting it into value-added chemicals and materials to produce low-CO2 cementitious products. This novel technology was piloted at TITAN’s Kamari plant in Greece, which became the first cement plant in Southeastern Europe to demonstrate carbon capture and utilisation.

TITAN’s team worked closely with its partners in RECODE to achieve high CO2 purity in the capture stream and to use the converted products to make low-carbon ready-mixed concrete. While the RECODE project was completed in 2022, TITAN will continue to use the capture unit to evaluate innovative CO2-absorbing materials. For its contribution to the success of the RECODE project, TITAN was recognised as a key innovator by the European Commission in its Innovation Radar.

Members of the RECODE team in front of the capture unit at TITAN’s Kamari plant, Greece