Asia Cement Corp

Asia Cement Corporation (ACC) promises to achieve the goal of reducing cement emissions intensity by more than 25% compared with 2020 by 2030.

ACC is currently the only company that produces low-carbon cement in Taiwan. It gradually replaces Portland cement with bagged masonry cement and bulk Portland limestone cement, which can reduce carbon by 16% and 8% respectively compared with Portland cement. In 2022, 230,000 tons have been sold, and the carbon reduction amounted to 11,000 tons of CO2e. 

In 2022, ACC has used desulfurization slag, basic-oxygen-furnace slag, electric-arc-furnace slag, Coal Ash as alternative raw materials, and RDF, pulp sludge, wood chip, waste plastic as alternative fuels, totalling about 370,000 tons, It can reduce carbon emissions by about 77,000 tons of CO2e. 

In addition, ACC has actively assisted the government in disposing of a total of 20.5 metric tons of ozone-depleting substances R-12 and R-22 refrigerants in 2022, which is equivalent to reducing the greenhouse effect caused by 135,000 metric tons of CO2e emissions. In the future, ACC will continue to assist the government in disposing of about 80 tons of refrigerant.