Dalmia Cement

Having vision of becoming leader in building materials and to create pride in all stakeholders, the co-benefit philosophy of ‘clean and green is profitable and sustainable’ has enabled Dalmia Cement to de-couple CO2 emission from profitable growth. The company has played a sector influencer role in its journey to net zero by becoming carbon negative by 2040. With a carbon footprint at 492 kg/ton of cement (FY 21), Dalmia is one of the lowest carbon footprint cement producer globally with one of the most profitable cement operations in India. The company is well on track on its roadmap through implementation of existing as well as advanced levers of decarbonisation in the cement sector. As compared to 1990 baseline, Dalmia’s carbon footprint is reduced by more than 40% and 10% since the company made carbon negative commitment in 2018.