Shree Cement

In-house production of synthetic gypsum:

Shree Cement manufactures synthetic gypsum at its Ras/ Beawar plants, using spent acid, which is a byproduct of aluminum, zinc, and other industries. Another raw material that is used is reject limestone from our mines.

Synthetic gypsum replaces mineral gypsum in cement manufacture without impacting the quality of our product thereby deriving multiple benefits:

Utilisation of hazardous material (spent acid)

Putting low grade waste limestone that would otherwise be dumped, to a productive use

Reducing demand pressure on a natural resource i.e. mineral gypsum

Shree Cement has patented its manufacturing process, which is a first-of-its-kind in the industry. Our current gypsum manufacturing capacity is 2,910 tpd which will increase to 4,910 tpd by the end of 2021.