Applying for the Innovandi Open Challenge 2023 –
a straightforward process:


Thank you to those that applied. We will be in touch with you soon, and stay tuned for our shortlist later in May.

What are we looking for – criteria:

We are looking for start-ups working on New materials/ingredients for low carbon concrete (e.g. innovative admixtures, SCMs, clinkers, aggregates…)

  • It should be ready-to-use and a direct ingredient to concrete.
  • Other judging criteria:
  • Innovative and unique
    • Performance comparable to traditional concrete
    • Lower carbon footprint than traditional concrete
    • Environmental / sustainability assessment
  • Is the technology to produce Low Carbon Concrete
    • Water intensive?
    • Energy intensive?
    • Any waste heat utilisation requirement?
    • Any other pre-requisites for the process?

What we are NOT looking for in this challenge:

  • No alternate fuels or low carbon fuels
  • No carbon capture, utilisation, and storage technologies
  • No process or method for producing low carbon concrete

What happens next?

Once you have submitted your entry, our team will be in touch with you should there be an further questions. We will thoroughly evaluate all the entries into the challenge and after rigorous evaluations with GCCA members, we will announce the shortlisted start-ups. Shortlisted start-ups will be invited to a formal pitch to GCCA members on 30 June.

Successful start-ups will be partnered with GCCA members to form consortia and enter into formal working partnerships.


15 May 2023 – Deadline to apply
30 May 2023 – Final shortlist announced
30 June 2023 – Pitch Day
1-15 September 2023 – Consortium agreement meetings
April 2024 – Demo Day (Showcasing the results of the consortia – date to be confirmed later)

Please contact us if you have any queries